Unique and creative Web sites for as low as $40 a page


Improve your existing site for less than you might think!


Regular updates of your site as needed, at a low monthly flat rate or hourly rate


Make your own site updates and save webmaster costs                     


How long will it take to get my new site up?
It obviously depends on the size and complexity of the site, but some sites can potentially be up within a few days.


Will you also host my site on your server?
No, is not a hosting provider. But we can set up a hosting account for you with a trusted provider for a nominal fee or advise you on how to do it yourself. Reliable, low-cost hosting plans are available starting at about $10 a month. There are cheaper plans, but we do not recommend them. Design services and hosting services do not depend on each other or improve each other's quality. In fact, by hosting your site with a separate provider you have more flexibility. If you have all your eggs in one basket with a single service provider and you are not happy with one aspect of their services, changing providers might not be so cut-and-dried, especially if you've signed on for a package deal.


Will I get statistics on the traffic to my site?
Yes, you will be able to view daily or monthly summary reports at no extra charge as part of your hosting plan, and/or can generate those for you as part of a monthly maintenance agreement.


Can I give you my own print materials, photos or images to incorporate into the design of the site?
Yes. And of course, you can play as small or large role as you choose in the conceptualization of your site's design.


During the design stages, will I be able to review mockups of my site and request revisions?
Yes. The process will be explained in detail by your consultant.


Will I have exclusive rights to all the graphical images and pages on my site? will not take elements that we custom-design for your site and use them on other sites. The production files that comprise your Web site belong to you and can be downloaded any time. (Any photographs or other copyrighted material that you use on your site by permission remains the property of the respective owners.)


Do you create pop-up and expandable menus?
Yes (JavaScript/DHTML).


Do you create custom scripts?
Yes (Perl/CGI).


Do you create Macromedia Flash® sites? will create Flash® navigation or banner ads to be incorporated on an HTML site, but currently we are not creating entire Flash® sites.


Do you create sites with database-driven content?
No, but utilizing JavaScript and PHP, we can code dynamic pages that will give your visitors conditional display of information based on their interaction, as well as control over content sorting, grouping, etc. On the backend, the chore of adding new content can be made very efficient by structuring server-side "include" directives on multiple pages that reference the same content. With this standard method, new content is added to only one file, but multiple Web pages will be automatically updated as applicable to reflect the new content.


Will you submit my site to the major search engines?
Yes, and there is no extra charge for the initial submission.


Are there any "hidden" charges?
No. As mentioned above, monthly Web site hosting fees charged by a hosting provider are separate from's consulting, design and programming fees. Third-party applications, if any are required, may have a one-time or monthly fee from the third-party provider. All fees will be estimated in advance as part of your free quote from