Unique and creative Web sites for as low as $40 a page


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Regular updates of your site as needed, at a low monthly flat rate or hourly rate


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The total price for custom site creation or redesign can vary greatly based on a site's graphics and functionality, which can range from plain text and hyperlinks with literally no graphics all the way to elaborate graphical pages with animation, dynamic navigation, and database-driven content. A small 5-page site with a simple graphical template and static HTML, for example, could be designed and produced for $320 (2 hours of design @ $60 an hour, 5 hours of page production @ $40 an hour). Call or e-mail for a custom quote. Your initial consultation is free.

Your new site will include search engine optimization features at no extra charge.

As in the above example, most work on a job is classified into one of two different hourly rates, usually $40 or $60 (custom programming can be higher). Basic HTML, photo/image editing (resizing, trimming, optimization, color fixing) and Web page or e-mail content population and formatting are at the lower rate. Most graphic design, including Web page or e-mail template graphics, advanced photo/image editing and effects, logos, and banner ads are at the higher rate. Custom submission forms, processing scripts and programming tasks are at the higher rate. Most other services, including site hosting setup, implementation of third-party applications, and specialized consultations are at the lower rate.

Those are general figures to give you an idea of the costs in terms of hourly rates. Your total price can be estimated in advance, with a not-to-exceed cap.

The price for search engine optimization of pre-existing sites and for other marketing services is $40 an hour. can, at no charge, review your site and your objectives and give you a quote on the total fees.

The cost for regular updates to a site is determined by the complexity and average frequency of the desired updates. In most cases a monthly retainer can be negotiated for an unlimited number of updates. Turnaround time is within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The rate for admin training is determined on a case-by-case basis.